The Pool Dome!
Week of October 12, 1998
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In mid August, we started the quest for a Pool Bubble by searching on the Internet only to find (quite a while later) that the correct search phrase was Pool Dome! UGH!

After careful review of what was available, we decided to give Tim Merino (WebSweeper) a try. Looking over their Web Site it was apparent that:

1) They had successfully been doing Domes for a long time.
2) They had the best pricing and turn around time.
3) Their Domes looked AWESOME! (And they are!)
4) They had the best Web Site (effective layout and content!)

We sent an Email to Tim expressing interest in a Pool Dome at 9pm on September 15th. Our goal was to hear back within a couple days.

2 hours later - 11pm at night! We received a very informative response from Tim, answering all of our questions in detail and assuring we understood how everything needed to be measured. The next morning we received a follow up call and within a couple of days the Dome was ordered.

Later, we found out that they are doing practically ALL of their sales over the Internet and growing incredibly fast! We've come to the conclusion that we felt very comfortable working with them over the Internet because of their:

1) Excellent use of pictures - we could easily envision a WebSweeper Dome over our pool.
2) Superb follow-up, knowledge of product and willingness to educate us.
3) Excellent FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List with customer testimonials.

The Dome was scheduled to arrive October 15th, however, it arrived early :) on October 6th and after carefully reading the instructions, here is how things turned out --


The 'dog-house' (for the heater, pump and filter) as designed, built and assembled by Captain Roger Betke (and family!)
Wednesday Morning, 10/13/98

The holes are drilled and ready for eye bolts!
Wednesday Morning, 10/13/98

A pre-Dome view of the pool area.
Wednesday Morning, 10/13/98

The DOME - weighing in at 295 lbs was delivered via 40' Trailer!
Wednesday Morning, 10/14/98

The pool (a little dirty as can be seen) is ready for the Dome.
Wednesday Morning, 10/14/98

Lights, Camera, Action! - Wednesday night, 7:30pm 10/14/98

Another view - pre-Dome - Wednesday night, 7:30pm 10/14/98

Dome is spred - Wednesday night, 7:45pm 10/14/98

Another view of Dome - Wednesday night, 7:45pm 10/14/98

After the Dome was spred for initial positioning, it was time to screw in the eye bolts. Wednesday night, 8:30pm 10/14/98

Another picture (this time without flash).
Wednesday night, 8:30pm 10/14/98

Close up view of eye bolt.
Wednesday night, 8:30pm 10/14/98

The cable (in a fold at the bottom of the Dome goes through the eye bolts to hold the Dome down).
Wednesday night, 9:30pm 10/14/98

With the cable through all of the eye bolts, tightened down and closed off - the blower is positioned and started!
Wednesday night, 9:30pm 10/14/98

Within literally a couple minutes, the Dome quickly inflates!
Wednesday night, 9:35pm 10/14/98

Another view of a quickly inflating Dome.
Wednesday night, 9:35pm 10/14/98

About 10 minutes later, we can see into the Dome! It is about half inflated.
Wednesday night, 9:45pm 10/14/98

In literally 30 minutes, the Dome is inflated!
Wednesday night, 10:05pm 10/14/98

Another shot (without flash).
Wednesday night, 10:05pm 10/14/98

Outside view from back of backyard.
Saturday afternoon, 10/17/98

Outside view - Dome entrance.
Saturday afternoon, 10/17/98

Outside view from front of house.
Saturday afternoon, 10/17/98

Outside view from front yard.
Saturday afternoon, 10/17/98

Inside the Dome! Notice the nice clear, clean water!
Sunday morning, 10/18/98

Inside the Dome - Part 2!
Sunday morning, 10/18/98
Special Thanks to:

  • Dan Laursen for helping search (and search and search) for Pool DOMES :)
  • Doug Sand & Don Laursen for helping caulk around the pool!
  • Roger, Sue & Rod Betke for designing, building and assembling the 'dog-house'!
  • Johnny The Manly Man Brunk for DRILLING and DRILLING and DRILLING
    through the concrete, screwin' in the eye bolts, and spreddin' the Dome!